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director's notes

LOOSE ENDS is a film about ineffective cooperation under pressure. As we follow this underground operation we observe the  tomfoolery plaguing the central characters.

By making light of an absurd situation, the film is able to highlight counterproductive behaviour and enhance the comedy within LOOSE ENDS Through the use of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance we are able to exaggerate the feelings from the protagonists in the film.

the cast needed to feel isolated from the real world which is why the story is contained within one skyrise room and use of wide lenses in order to elicit a sense of broad space in what was originally a small apartment living room.


This was the crew that donated blood sweat and tears to make the short film into a reality.


Lenny Cossey


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Wren Harley

Graphic Designer

Screenshot 2023-04-30 223056.png

Ruth Elopuro

Director of Photography

Screenshot 2023-04-30 223436.png

Enrico Cauilan


Screenshot 2023-04-30 223350.png

Yerkezhan Baizhan

Sound Editor

Screenshot 2023-04-30 223255.png

Victoria campbell

Sound Mixer


This was the cast that put their all into making the characters pop on screen.


Maud Ladoucette


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Alexander Los


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Max Semmel


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